Another Disagreement Over Glenwood Pool

Macomb, IL – In recent years, the city and the park district have bickered over various issues regarding Glenwood Pool. Now they're at it again.

This time around the issue is insurance. Park Commissioner Jim Bloom says the city will stop paying to insure the pool.

"If something dramatic should happen to that and the concession stand at the pool, we're out," says Bloom. "I think you ought to protect an asset that's worth that much."

Bloom also says the city might drop insurance coverage for the two stone shelters in Glenwood Park. Bloom says the shelters were WPA projects should be considered historic structures.

Bloom raised the issue during the park board's December meeting. You can listen to his comments by clicking on the audio button.

The city says there are two reasons why it won't pay to insure the pool.

One is the cost. The city will save $1,300 by dropping its pool insurance.

The other reason has to do with ownership of the pool and Glenwood Park. City Administrator Dean Torreson and Mayor Mick Wisslead say the pool and park have been the park district's property for 60 years. They question whether the city should be paying for the coverage.

Wisslead says Glenwood Park and the pool are not the only items the city is reviewing. He says the city is working through its inventory piece by piece, deciding whether certain properties and equipment are worth the cost of insurance coverage. Torreson adds they're going over everything with a fine tooth comb.

Glenwood Pool was built around 70 years ago. It's not known whether it will be in good enough shape to host another year of swimming in 2010. That decision will be made in the spring.

Earlier this year, the city and park district agreed to conduct a feasibility study to look at market issues and other matters related to construction of a new pool.