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Another Cable Provider Coming to Macomb

Aug 21, 2014

Macomb residents might soon have another option when choosing a cable provider.

Credit espensorvik / Flickr Creative Commons

The city council approved a request from MTC Communications, a subsidiary of McDonough Telephone Cooperative, to begin offering cable TV service.

Comcast has been the only cable provider in the city.

MTC Vice President of Operations Marsha Livingstone said her company’s service would benefit the community.

“Not only does it provide some pricing comparisons and options for the customers, it makes each provider improve their services,” said Livingstone.

MTC already offers phone and internet service to some residents.

MTC still needs approval from the FCC and it must set pricing levels. The service should be available before the end of the year.

It's estimated that about 30% of Macomb residents would have access to MTC's service at first.  The company plans to nearly double its reach within five years.

Mayor Mike Inman said Macomb would have the same 15-year franchise agreements with both MTC and Comcast, including 5% franchise fees.

"That's capitalism as its finest," Inman said.

"You offer a product and another competitor offers a product and we as consumers say 'I like this and I like this price and I'm going to have that option.'"

A Comcast representative said the company is happy the city is creating a level playing field for both providers.