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Anonymity Questioned in Sexual Assault Case

Mar 27, 2013

The attorney for the woman who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against the Keokuk School District and two individuals says her client should remain anonymous.

Attorney Roxanne Conlin says allowing her 20-year-old client to continue to identify herself as Jane Doe II will protect her from public ridicule and physical and mental harm.

Conlin’s motion, which was filed on Wednesday, March 27, also states Iowa District Courts have continually held that the use of such a pseudonym is both appropriate and reasonable.

Jane Doe II alleges in her lawsuit that a second defendant, Gina Sisk, sexually assaulted her for about two years, starting in 2009.  Sisk is currently on administrative leave from the Keokuk School District.

Conlin filed this motion in response to a defense motion filed on Tuesday, March 19.

The Keokuk School District and the third defendant, former Keokuk High School Principal Michelle Lukavsky, want the case dismissed and/or Jane Doe II’s identity revealed.

They say the anonymity causes issues with discovery and investigations.

No hearings have been set on the latest motions in the case.

Sisk is facing two similar lawsuits in Henry County from a lone accuser identified only as Jane Doe I.  Jane Doe I’s attorney is also Roxanne Conlin.