Annexation Hearing Draws Capacity Crowd

Macomb, IL – Macomb aldermen are now at a point where they will need to make decisions that will determine the fate of a proposed housing complex. Aldermen listened to another round of comments on the issue during an annexation hearing Monday night. The city council chambers were packed for the meeting. The development would be marketed to WIU students and would contain enough space to house about 500 people. It would be built at Ward and Piper Streets. People who live near the site oppose it. Their main concerns are noise and traffic. But developer Art McManus says he will spend $16 million to make it a quality development. He's also said it will generate $400,000 in property taxes. City council members will decide next week whether to annex the land and whether to rezone it for multi-family use. The city legal counsel has advised them not to focus on this specific project but rather to base their decision on whether it's appropriate to zone this site for multi-family homes.