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4 Teens in Video Assault Remain in Custody

Nov 7, 2013

The four Burlington teenagers facing charges connected to an assault that was recorded and posted online will remain in custody for at least another week.

Kyran Johnson, 13, Devante Vance, 13, Kyree Wilkerson, 13, and Kaylee Wilson, 12, appeared before Judge Michael Dietrich Wednesday morning in the Des Moines County Courthouse.

A separate hearing was held for each teen, which in several cases meant meeting their attorney for the first time.

Johnson, Vance and Wilkerson face charges of serious assault and disorderly conduct. 

They are accused of being the three males in the video who can be seen punching, kicking, taunting and knocking down an unidentified male student.

Wilson faces one count of disorderly conduct for allegedly recording the incident.

Judge Dietrich heard testimony during each hearing from juvenile court officers and parents. 

He eventually ruled that the four should remain in the Lee County Juvenile Detention Center for the time being, as opposed to being released to their parents.

Dietrich said during one hearing that he could not put into words how seriously the court takes the incident.

During the testimony phase, one parent said this action resulted from a fight that occurred earlier that day.

Another round of hearings on whether the teens should remain in custody is scheduled for next week.