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2nd Order of Protection Request in Keokuk

Jul 15, 2013

A second order of protection is being sought in connection with a sex abuse lawsuit filed by a former student against the Keokuk School District and two former employees.

Lee County Attorney Mike Short filed the latest request on behalf of the Keokuk Police Department.

The department received a subpoena from the attorney representing Gina Sisk.

Sisk is accused of sexually abusing an unidentified student during her time as a coach and a teacher in the district.  She resigned several weeks ago after being on administrative leave for more than one year.

The subpoena seeks any police documents regarding Sisk and/or her relationship with the student that resulted from complaints filed by the school district or the student.

A similar subpoena was filed with the Keokuk Police Department, several months ago, by the attorney for the student.

Short also responded to it with a request for an order of protection.

He argues, in both requests, that the information should remain private because charges could still be filed as a result of the lawsuit.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday, July 29, but it's unclear whether the judge will consider one or both of the orders of protection for the KPD at that time.