2010 - Big Year For Keokuk Streets

Keokuk, IA – 2010 is shaping up to be a big one when it comes to street reconstruction in Keokuk.

Public Works Director Gerald Moughler says the 2010 phase of the multi-year, multi-million dollar program will focus on streets near downtown Keokuk. He says the projects include:

Blondeau Street (1st to 5th)
N. 2nd Street (Main to Concert)
N. 4th Street (Main to Concert)
N. 8th Street (Main to Concert)
High Street

Moughler says sewer lines beneath the streets will also be separated to meet EPA and DNR requirements. He says that will allow the city to avoid tearing up the new streets in the very near future.

Moughler says survey and design work is underway. He says construction is slated for the spring.

Moughler says the 2010 phase is expected to cost around $1-million. Finance Director John Russell says the city has borrowed $5.5-million for its street reconstruction program.

Moughler says a portion of Grand Avenue (4th to 10th Streets) will also be rebuilt in 2010. He says phase 1 will also include the separation of sewer lines.

The city is borrowing $3.4-million dollars for the project. Keokuk has yet to award an engineering contract for the work.

Moughler says projects have been identified for 2011 and 2012, but nothing has been finalized because of the pending sewer separation project.