2 of SRC's New Buildings Open

Macomb, IL – Two of Spoon River College's new campus buildings are open. President Robert Ritschel says classes are being held this week at the new Rushville and Havana locations.

"I think of the expression if you build if they will come, and it's kind of a dangerous one too," says Ritschel. "But certainly I think that's what we are seeing at the early going. It's just very exciting for those communities and for those learning opportunities."

Ritschel says the Rushville campus has seen an increase in enrollment for its GED classes and new courses are being offered in Havana. "We've got 21 classes in Havana," says Ritschel. "The students and the community are thrilled to come in to a new facility like that."

"In Havana we are offering some paramedics classes down there that we've never done before," Ritschel says. "Those opportunities became available to us because of these new facilities."

He says SRC's new building in Macomb will officially open Monday. "We will be fully operational there," says Ritschel. "The new sign should go in shortly. We are very happy that that now is going in to operation."

The facility will house the Community Outreach and Workforce Education divisions. Classes will still be held at the college's current location on Johnson Street. Ritschel says a number of activities have already been scheduled for the Macomb Outreach Center over the next couple weeks.