Korean War http://tspr.org en Emphasis - April 13 http://tspr.org/post/emphasis-april-13 <p>Rich Egger&#39;s guest is Won Moo Hurh of Macomb. He is author of <em>I Will Shoot Them from My Loving Heart</em>.<br /><br />The book is a memoir of his service in the South Korean army. Hurh was a 17 year old high school senior when North Korea invaded his country in June, 1950.<br /><br />Hurh was trained for three months before being commissioned as a second lieutenant in the South Korean army. He ended up serving seven years in the military.<br /><br />Hurh found war to be absurd.<br /> Fri, 13 Apr 2012 16:08:35 +0000 Rich Egger 13452 at http://tspr.org Emphasis - April 13