Miranda Rights http://tspr.org en Murder Suspect Wants Statements Out http://tspr.org/post/murder-suspect-wants-statements-out <p>Adam Pitman of Keokuk is trying to block several pieces of evidence from being considered in his murder trial, which is scheduled for May 22.&nbsp;</p><p>Pitman is accused of killing his mother, Rosa Pitman, at her home at 1602 Concert Street in Keokuk on August 30, 2011.&nbsp; The state medical examiner ruled that Rosa Pitman was strangled.</p><p>Adam Pitman was pulled over by Fort Madison police at about 5:45 AM that morning for having no working tail-lights.&nbsp; Authorities say he admitted to killing his mother at that time.</p> Mon, 26 Mar 2012 04:07:21 +0000 Jason Parrott 12425 at http://tspr.org Murder Suspect Wants Statements Out