Gary Smith en Carthage Drinking Water Has Odors <p>Carthage residents have been living with discolored and smelly water from their taps for two weeks.<br><br>City residents endured a similar occurrence last summer.<br><br>Second-Ward Alderman Gary Smith says the problem, and the culprit, are the same.<br><br>He says, “The really high temperatures and the low lake has caused the algae to be an issue in the lake. They're treating it but everything's working against us. It seems to be working itself out.”<br><br>The level of the city's lake is about eight feet below normal.<br> Mon, 20 Aug 2012 14:38:03 +0000 James Lenz 20266 at Carthage Drinking Water Has Odors Carthage Lake Level Continues to Drop <p>Carthage&#39;s water conservation measures have not stabilized the level of the city&#39;s lake reservoir.<br /><br />Second Ward Alderman Gary Smith says the measures have reduced water consumption since they were enacted last month.<br /><br />He says, &ldquo;Before it (got) to be critical, we started saving, trying to have conservation. It&#39;s been real good. The usage is down significantly.&rdquo;<br /> Wed, 15 Aug 2012 19:37:25 +0000 James Lenz 20046 at Carthage Lake Level Continues to Drop Carthage Starts Water Conservation <p>Carthage is being pro-active by encouraging water conservation by a combination of mandatory and voluntary measures.<br /><br />Businesses are required to stop watering their lawns.<br /><br />Second-ward Alderman Gary Smith says the city is concerned since the level at the city&#39;s lake has fallen by five feet recently.<br /><br />He expects businesses will honor the ban. Smith says, &ldquo;We&#39;ve had good luck in the past and I think we&#39;ll probably not have any problem this time.&rdquo;Businesses that ignore the order could be subject to fines.<br /> Thu, 26 Jul 2012 20:28:07 +0000 James Lenz 18912 at Carthage Starts Water Conservation City Turns to Aeration to Solve Water Woes <p>Carthage is trying a new solution to a persistent problem last year-water discoloration. The city&#39;s drinking water was never unsafe, just unsavory. It was frequently a dull green. The city liberally applied chemicals to the water with little effect.<br /><br />Second-ward Alderman Gary Smith says the three aerators will bubble air through the lake. The action will thoroughly mix the layers of water and reduce algae formation.<br /><br />He says, &ldquo;This is kind of an ongoing process. It might take a year to get the lake rehabilitated.&rdquo;<br /> Mon, 02 Jul 2012 20:19:22 +0000 James Lenz 17686 at City Turns to Aeration to Solve Water Woes Carthage Considers Warning System <p>Carthage residents might soon depend on a high-tech warning system during emergencies.<br /><br />Fire Chief Gary Smith is proposing the city purchase a phone messaging system, primarily for use during emergencies. He says it would come at a &ldquo;nominal cost.&rdquo;<br /><br />He said, &ldquo;It would allow us to make one phone call that would go out to all the residents of Carthage, up to three different phone numbers for each residence.&rdquo;<br /> Wed, 11 Apr 2012 18:28:13 +0000 James Lenz 13370 at Carthage Considers Warning System