survey en Sustainability Summit – Lee County <p>Lee County has been called the &ldquo;Poster Child&rdquo; for unemployment in Iowa.</p><p>Help could be on the way with the possible development of a fertilizer plant, but that would be just the start of what is needed to reverse years of job losses.</p><p>A recently-released study highlights the county&rsquo;s strengths and weaknesses, but taking advantage of that information requires community support and interest.</p><p>Phil Chancellor of Keokuk has more free time on his hands now that he has retired after a career in the field of high-tech telecommunications.</p> Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:30:00 +0000 Jason Parrott 10855 at Sustainability Summit – Lee County Survey Could Lead to Faster Rural Internet Service. <p>Slow Internet service limits opportunities for business and education in many rural areas.&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank">Broadband Illinois</a> is working to upgrade that service.<br /><br />Spokesman Clayton Black said the first step is an online survey to provide a picture what is&nbsp; currently available. The group is inviting residents, business owners, non-profits and schools to take this survey. It asks detailed questions about what current Internet service is available, how it&#39;s used and how it could be improved.<br /> Tue, 21 Feb 2012 18:06:03 +0000 James Lenz 10569 at Survey Could Lead to Faster Rural Internet Service.