Jill Brody http://tspr.org en Appeal Alleges Disparities in Sports http://tspr.org/post/appeal-alleges-disparities-sports <p>Jill Brody filed a formal complaint with the Macomb School District in late March under federal Title IX law. Superintendent Alene Reuschel responded that the district is in compliance. Title IX law requires &ldquo;equivalent&rdquo; treatment of male and female athletes.<br /><br />Brody appealed Reuschel&#39;s finding in May.<br /><br />Reuschel says,&nbsp; &ldquo;She can ask the board to review that decision. And there&#39;s a time frame and so once the board has reviewed, and within that time frame, the board will eventually direct me to respond to Dr. Brody their decision.&rdquo; Thu, 21 Jun 2012 19:51:27 +0000 James Lenz 17122 at http://tspr.org Appeal Alleges Disparities in Sports