Danny Bice http://tspr.org en Funding Will Advance Colchester Sewer Project http://tspr.org/post/funding-will-advance-colchester-sewer-project <p>Colchester has the last and most important component to move forward with a large-scale sewer project-money.<br><br>The USDA's Rural Development program will give the city a grant of a $1.56 million and a loan of $2.35 million. The interest rate on the loan is 2.125%.<br><br>Mayor Danny Bice is glad for the money but he still thinks it will put stress on the city's finances.<br><br>He says, “We were actually hoping to get a little bit more (in the grant). We're going to have to run the numbers and make sure it's still feasible for the customers in town.”<br> Mon, 10 Sep 2012 17:10:31 +0000 James Lenz 21336 at http://tspr.org Funding Will Advance Colchester Sewer Project Colchester Seeks Extension for Sewer Work http://tspr.org/post/colchester-seeks-extension-sewer-work <p>Colchester is asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for up to eight years to complete a large-scale sewer project.<br /><br />The city has two options to pay for the $4.2 million project.<br /><br />If the city qualifies for loans and grants through the U.S. Department of Agriculture&#39;s Rural Development program, the project might be completed in four years.<br /><br />If the project qualifies for grants through the EPA the project might take eight years. That&#39;s because the city could only apply every other year.<br /> Tue, 31 Jul 2012 20:01:54 +0000 James Lenz 19132 at http://tspr.org Colchester Seeks Extension for Sewer Work City to Hold Public Hearing on Sewer Rates http://tspr.org/post/city-hold-public-hearing-sewer-rates <p>Residents of Colchester will get a chance to make their voices heard on sewer rate increases. The public hearing is Monday, July 9th, at 7 p.m. in city hall.<br /><br />They face sewer rates of between $40 and $50 per month to pay for repairs to the city&#39;s sanitary sewer system. The hikes are needed to bring the city into compliance with federal EPA regulations.<br /><br />Mayor Danny Bice hopes for a large turnout at the hearing.<br /> Thu, 05 Jul 2012 11:55:25 +0000 James Lenz 17809 at http://tspr.org City to Hold Public Hearing on Sewer Rates Colchester Changes Plans on Sewer Project http://tspr.org/post/colchester-changes-plans-sewer-project <p>Colchester planned to take nearly a decade to complete a large-scale sewer replacement project with an estimated price tag of $4.2 million.<br /><br />The city will now seek to complete the project in the next four years. The change is driven by the prospects for grant funding.<br /><br />Mayor Danny Bice says the city counted on a combination of state and federal grants to help pay for the project. It&#39;s necessary to meet federal EPA requirements.<br /><br />The city has found the funding forecast a dismal one.<br /> Tue, 26 Jun 2012 20:46:15 +0000 James Lenz 17351 at http://tspr.org Colchester Changes Plans on Sewer Project Colchester Water Main Fix Might Cost $70,000 http://tspr.org/post/colchester-water-main-fix-might-cost-70000 <p>The six-inch water main that supplies residents in a subdivision north of Colchester and others near Lake Argyle is in need of repair. It lays across the supporting structure under a bridge on North Coal Street. The line is sagging 14 inches at two different joints, one of which is leaking.<br /><br />The city will pay $7,000 for a short-term fix. Tharp Brothers of Oquawka will shore up the line within the next 10 days.<br /> Thu, 07 Jun 2012 11:24:11 +0000 James Lenz 16353 at http://tspr.org Colchester Water Main Fix Might Cost $70,000