Paperless Meetings en Around The Region <p>A quick look at news from around the tri-state region.</p><p> Wed, 17 Oct 2012 03:04:04 +0000 Jason Parrott 23051 at Around The Region Lee County to go Paperless <p>The Lee County Board of Supervisors is ready to become the latest governmental board to conduct paperless meetings.</p><p>County Auditor Anne Pedersen brought up the idea of paperless meetings during the board's most recent workshop.</p><p>The board meets at least 4 times each month.&nbsp; Pedersen says it takes a lot of time, paper, and ink to print documents for each of the five supervisors for each meeting.</p><p>The supervisors supported Pedersen’s recommendation to purchase electronic readers.</p> Fri, 24 Aug 2012 12:18:15 +0000 Jason Parrott 20505 at Lee County to go Paperless Keokuk Starts Using iPads <p>Thursday night&rsquo;s Keokuk City Council meeting had a feeling of Christmas as aldermen opened the boxes containing their new iPads.</p><p>The city spent more than $6,000 to purchase the devices for the nine city council members along with the Mayor, City Clerk, Police Chief, Fire Chief, Public Works Director, and Community Development Director.</p><p>The iPads are for the specific position or office-holder, not the individuals.&nbsp; There is a device for the 3<sup>rd</sup> Ward Alderman, not for Ron Payne, for example.</p> Fri, 25 May 2012 04:41:41 +0000 Jason Parrott 15681 at Keokuk Starts Using iPads